12 March 2018

We wondered what they think about digitalization and BIM


Ümit Balaban (Anel Group BIM Manager): “Today’s revolution is “digitalization”. As a MEP contractor, ignoring digitalization would be a fatal mistake. What should we expect from digitalization? Today’s projects are huge in size and complex in nature. Data transfer between design and construction teams must be easy and intuitive. Cloud technologies can help us transferring data between team members for information exchange and better coordination. Solving construction issues, such as clearing clashes between construction elements, considering maintenance areas while being designed as if its constructed, is always more economical then trying to resolve them on fly while boots on the ground. Reworks and coordination in the field take time and occupies our resources which eventually drains our budget. It’s better to resolve the potential construction conflicts in the office rather than trying to find an acceptable solution to all parties in the field. Digitalization helps us to reduce rework, communicate easily (not only WhatsApp), log issues and create punch-lists and track them easily. Industry 4.0, the era of new industrial revolution is on our door; such as robotic systems are finding their place in the construction industry. We must be ready and be open to these new technologies. If we don’t adapt ourselves to the era of digitalization, we will be left behind and replaced by next-gen companies.”


Buram Kaleağası (Anel Group IT Director): “BIM simply is “a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building that is used by all stakeholders to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. BIM is not about the B and the M. It is about the I (I= Information is the key)