Our Supply Chain

With an annual procurement of nearly $ 200m, our supply chain plays an important role in Anel’s success.

To meet our customer commitments, we work with suppliers for material, service and subcontractors who can contribute to our strategy, continually improve and increase our supply chain.

Our purchasing team manages the acquisition of all outsourced resources and selects the companies that can contribute to long-term business success.

Our supply chain performance management system evaluate suppliers based on negotiation, cost, quality, logistics and technology criteria. According to the evaluation results, system can determined the open areas of development of the suppliers and requested improvement from the companies. If the performance is continually low, the supplier’s quota can be reduced or deactivated.

We aim to  design a web-based supply chain accreditation and performance management system.

The task of the system will create an electronic information management system for collecting points on about procurement, delivery and on-site performance for suppliers and subcontractors,  along with a database of company information.