11 November 2019

We are pleased to announce our new project; The New Management Office of Ministry of Taxes Project in Azerbaijan

Please see the press release below ; 

Anel Elektrik; founded by Rıdvan Çelikel in 1986 and which has undertaken major projects in international standards, started works for the construction of electrical and mechanical systems of the new Management Office of Ministry of Taxes in Azerbaijan.

 About the project:

The project, which is located in Heydar Aliyev Avenue and which shall take its place among iconic projects with its modern 21st Century architecture, is designed with a view to centralizing many management offices of the Ministry of Taxes which are currently scattered. It will be 170 meters and 33 stories high when completed. The project, which will have 44.200 m² of indoor area, 30.000 m² of exterior sidings and a special architecture with 5 separate twisting cubes, will include management offices, conference halls, an underground parking space, floor gardens, an additional Auditorium Building and recreational areas.

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Anel Elektrik Starts Works

Anel Elektrik, having debuted in Azerbaijan with BP Head Office project in 2012, signed a contract with Tekfen İnşaat ve Tesisat A.Ş. for the electrical and mechanical works of the New Management Office of Ministry of Taxes. Within the scope of the contract, works have started for the sanitary systems, ventilation systems, heating and cooling facilities, MV-LV power current installation, lighting system, low-voltage current installation and building automation system of the project.

“We rapidly started works for the electrical and mechanical systems of this project, which will be one of the iconic projects of the city. Since the rough construction and siding of the building are completed, we are aiming to finalize the remaining works within a short period like one year, thanks to the expertise and ability of our administrative and technical teams. As Anel Elektrik, we estimate an administrative team of approximately 35 members.  In the peak period, our number of employees is expected to hit around 250”, said Anel Elektrik Project Manager Murat İlkdoğan.