11 December 2013

Anel Grup to Implement Turkey’s Largest Unlicensed Solar Power Project

Anel Grup signed a contract to build a 5 MWp solar power plant at the İnönü University Turgut Özal Medical Center in Malatya. The plant, which will supply electricity for R&D activities, will include more than 20,000 solar panels on an area of 150,000 sqm, each with a power output of 240 Wp. The project will not only be the largest photovoltaic power plant ever built in Turkey, but also the largest unlicensed solar power project ever to be implemented in the country. The project, which will cost 15.99 billion Turkish lira, is expected to generate more than 8 GWh of electricity annually.


What is unlicensed electricity generation?

As a result of the legislation enacted to promote efficient use of energy resources, real persons and corporations in Turkey have been granted the right to generate electricity to meet their own needs. Real persons and corporations can install facilities which generate 1 MWp or less of electricity, exempt from any licensing requirements.