10 September 2019
Anel Grup Galataport İstanbul

We keep working for the electrical and mechanical works of Galataport İstanbul Project

General Information about the project

Galataport İstanbul is addressed as an urban project and has a settlement plan which is compatible with İstanbul and the texture of the district. When the project is realized, the 1.2 km long dock will be the neighbour of the historical part of the city as well as the extension of the fascinating historical peninsula. The coastline of Karaköy, which is closed to public access for nearly 200 years, will be turned into a public promenade that connects the city and the sea.

Galataport İstanbul contains İstanbul Modern Museum and İstanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture and thus hosts the best samples of modern art in Turkey. After its completion, Galataport İstanbul will be the new meeting point of İstanbul with culture – art and design. Galataport İstanbul will host a cruise terminal built with cutting-edge technology, an exclusive hotel chain, cafes and restaurants offering local and international delicasies and many national and international brands.


We continue our works meticulously

We; as Anel Elektrik continue working on shopdrawings and site applications.  The works for fire installation, ventilation, heating-cooling and plumbing continues simultaneously in the basement floors and block floors.

Project Manager of Anel Elektrik; Mr. Aret Erkimisyan; “Our project has a water extraction structure from the sea as a difference than our usual site applications. We pass seawater through the heat exchangers and transmit the temperature we get with the heat transfer to the systems by cooling it with water-cooled chiller devices. We use the environmentally sensitive Water Source Heat Pump System, which is used a lot recently in rental areas. Thus, we make use of existing seawater energy to achieve energy saving. The current number of Anel employees approaching 250 will reach approximately 600 at the project peak period.”