Our Procurement Policy

  • Having Procurement Management System compatible with all the policies and the strategies of our companies, we establish, execute and improve long term business relationships with the existing and potential business partners based on mutual trust and cooperation.
  • In order to be competitive in the market both domestic and abroad, we evaluate all the alternative national and global suppliers ethically, however the suppliers at short distance has the priority.
  • We develop a communication structure with high level of efficiency in the ongoing cooperation with suppliers, which allows harmony and information sharing.
  • We prefer suppliers that invest in technology development, human resources, respect for the environment and human health and in these means we support the development of our current suppliers.
  • We establish long-term business relationships with companies having a modern management approach, manufacturing with compliance to national and international standards in terms of environmental and health and safety, caring about research and development in their professional terriority and supplying quality products in a timely and competitive manner.
  • To meet our commitments to customers, we work with suppliers of material and/or service who can contribute to our strategy and with subcontractors who broaden our supply chain.
  • Our procurement team purchases all the external resources, determines and manages the companies that can contribute to the long-term business success.
  • Our policy is integrated to all the contracts or agreements with the suppliers that business relationship is established with and we request them to inform their employees about our policy.
  • We also share this Procurement Policy which is executed by our Procurement Manager, with our employees in our intranet platform.

Our Quality Policy

As a reliable business partner that develops products and services to offer maximum benefit through sustainable development, the satisfaction of all related parties is a top priority for us.

Through effective management, education, and communication, we support the continuing professional development of our staff who we consider to be the very reason for our success.

Every single member of our team sees their own colleagues as their customers and aims to exceed the expectations of both internal and external customers.

We act on the principle of product and service continuity and reliability. We ensure continuity by providing services to customers on time and according to plan.

We meet all legal requirements, including those for occupational health and environment, in all areas of activity. We minimize the risk of non-compliance by keeping all processes, in all phases, under the control of our competent staff.

We pioneer the formation and protection of clean, natural and sustainable ecosystems and consider recycling to be a part of our processes for the protection and efficient use of natural resources.

By offering safe conditions in workplaces, we minimize accident risks for all parties affected by our activities.

We take ownership of continuous improvement in the light of our vision to become a pioneer in all areas of operation and to design the future. We assess our products, services, employees, and processes to improve the system continuously.

Each of our employees is aware that an enterprise must be respected in order to be trusted. We aim to establish continuous long-term relationships based on the respected and strong image of our enterprise.

In accordance with our understanding of corporate social responsibility, we attach more importance to humanity than to any financial values.